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Sketch My Storybook creates custom board books for the "characters" in your life.  We are a  female-owned tech startup launched in 2018 and founded in Greenwich, CT by Heidi Umur. 


As a new mom, Heidi was tired of having to repeatedly read children's books with unimaginative plot lines. She had an idea for something different that didn't exist in the children's book market at the time and decided to make her son the inspiration for his very own storybook! Since she lacked the artistic skills to illustrate the book, she researched a way to add a sketch filter to pictures of her son.  She was then able to use personal photos and transform them for the book’s images and soon the very first book called “The Adventures of Adam” was created! 

What was at first a personal project soon captured the attention of friends and family members who wanted a book of their own. Shortly thereafter, Sketch My Storybook became an entrepreneurial venture with a mission for children to have their favorite memories and photos brought to life in their very own book.

Since each story is customized, every book is one-of-a kind which is what differentiates us from other personalized books on the market that merely inserts the child's name into a pre-written story. There are now numerous themes to choose from to cater to the storyline of your child's (or pet's!) life and we add more themes as we grow. 

We hope you enjoy creating your own book for your little character as much as we enjoyed bringing our vision to life! 

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Learn more about Heidi in her interview with the Fairfield, CT Local Moms Network!

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